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Just a (re)introduction

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Just a (re)introduction

Post by Journeyman on Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:51 am

Figured I'd post something for anyone who wasn't a regular on the old forum.

I joined in 2008, when I first began taking an interest in getting stronger and whatnot. At the time, I'd just started working out for the first time in order to pass a school fitness test--half chinups, situps, toe touch, 1 mile run, etc. and had also just begun running with the school track team. I had some natural ability but our team didn't train very hard (and neither did I) so I wasn't great at it.

After about a year I was pretty decent at strict pullups and pistols and could finally do a few handstand pushups (against a wall) and strict one arm pushups. I got a few kettlebells and began training with those... and by the end of the next year I was pressing the 24kg for a few reps, and training pretty regularly with a mixture of bodyweight, kettlebells, and sandbag stuff. I'd put on some weight, too, I was about 125lb up from 115 or so... at about 5'8''.

When I went off to college in fall 2010 I started training with barbells. I deadlifted 255 the first time I tried and immediately became obsessed with the lift; that and overhead presses and weighted chins are some of my staples. I made a ton of progress that first semester but wandered around trying things out just a bit too much second semester and then spent most of the summer abroad, actually losing weight and getting noticeably weaker.
Most of my sophomore year was spent getting back to more or less where I'd been before, with the exception of deadlifts, which I stopped almost entirely due to a hip issue (posture/congenital issue) that I'm still slightly struggling with. I did strict press my own bodyweight (135 at the time) for the first time that year, and got to doing one arm chins second semester (spring 2012) so that's something.

This year (summer 2012 onwards) I started deadlifting heavy again and actually made some progress for the first time since December 2010... pretty happy with that. Still a lightweight so it's onwards and upwards in terms of lifting, some weighted bodyweight, and hopefully a bit more conditioning/endurance work this year as well.

I'm actually pretty sad to see the old forum go, over 4 years I learned a lot and racked up WAY too many posts there... so, yeah. :shrug:
Exercise Encyclopedia
Exercise Encyclopedia

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Re: Just a (re)introduction

Post by Black. on Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:09 pm

Nice description! Good luck with your new goals!

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Re: Just a (re)introduction

Post by Avocadoshake on Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:03 pm

How an introduction should be. Re-welcome :cheers:

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Re: Just a (re)introduction

Post by Sponsored content

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